Creation And Presentation

One of Shadhona’s major area of engagement is the commission of theatrical productions by talented artistes. This not only provides, a much needed platform, it also ensures regular staging of quality theatre. Besides supporting the entire financial cost of the production, Shadhona provides artistic support by arranging pre-production workshops and directorial in-puts during the course of production. Till date Shadhona has fifteen productions to its credit and by end 2014 should have staged three more productions.

Shadhona has arranged many dance, music and one Festival of Books and Writers and also participated in many. Some of the Festivals are:
• 11 day Fair & Lovely Dance Festival in March 1997, with the support of Lever Brothers B’desh Ltd participated by Leela Samson, Madhvi Mudgal, Prerna Srimali, Bharti Shivaji and two dance-dramas produced by Shadhona.
• 3 day dance festival, June 2006 by Alarmel Valli and Madhvi Mudgal
• 3 day dance festival, March 2007, which included two dance-dramas produced by Shadhona.
• Indo-Bangla Festival of Books and Writers under the aegis of the Indo Bangla Cultural Initiative (IBCI) of which Shadhona is a partner, with the support of the High Commission of India, Dhaka.
• A Festival of Bengal with TARA TV in Delhi between December 23 – 26, 2006 supported by GMG Airlines
• ‘Utsav – Celebrating Tagore in the 21st Century’ - A Tagore Festival, under the aegis of IBCI in March, 2008, Delhi at the India International Center (IIC) organized by IIC and Shadhona.
• ‘Tagore – Beyond Borders’, Rabindranath Tagore Center, December 2009.
• ‘Uday Shankar Dance Festival’, Kolkata, 2009.
• 2 Day Dance Festival to celebrate 5 years of monthly dance program ‘Nupur Beje Jai’, being telecast by DESH TV, 19-20 February 2015 at Chhayanaut.
• 2 Day Bharatanatyam Festival, ‘Rongoprobesh 2015’ by sister organization ‘Kolpotoru’ at Chhayanaut on July 24 and 25, 2015.
• 2 Day Behular Lachari Festival and Competition, September 18 and 19, 2015 at Bhuanpur, Tangail.

Bangladesh presently has a large number of well-trained musicians and dancers, however the culture of watching ticketed performances at Theatre Halls is still not widely prevalent. There are very few platforms where artistes can perform on a regular basis. Shadhona is trying to create such a platform through two projects:
• ‘Nupur Beje Jai’ a bi-monthly ticketed performance of dance
• Weekly ticketed performances at ‘Moncho’ – Shadhona’s Studio Theatre

Shadhona has a membership-based network of music and art lovers. Yearly fees, of only Tk.1000.- per year, from the members allows us to arrange Monthly recitals allowing us once again to patronize the arts and artistes. It is our dream to be able to replicate this model of small-sponsors in various areas of Bangladesh.

From its very commencement Shadhona has been producing Tagore dance-dramas which include ‘Chondalika’, ‘Nohi Debi Nohi Samanya Nari’ (Based on Chitrangada),and ‘Bhanushinger Padabali’. Shadhona staged4 of Tagore’s dance dramas to celebrate Rabindranath Tagore’s 150th Birth Anniversary starting May 8, 2011 to May 8, 2012.The British Council is providing support for artistic collaboration with a UK based dancer, for one of the productions ‘Tasher Desh’. Renowed musician Tanmoy Bose directed the music. ‘Tasher Desh’ was staged on 22 April, Fireflies (Tagore’s Haikus) on 21 November and “Mayar Khela’ on 27 January. Besides this Shadhona produced ‘Fireflies’ (March, 2012), ‘Mawmomanoshoshathi’ (May, 2012) and ‘Aye Amader Angane’, based on the book of poems called Brikkhoropon.(September 2012).
However, besides Tagore, Shadhona has produced ‘Badolo Borishone’ (2007) based on Nazrul’s writings, ‘Kanchonmala’, and small productions such as ‘Adda naki Nach’, ‘Hai Ramu’, ‘Amra ki jotheshto shocchaar’, ‘Amra shawbai Malala’. Our first dance production on a folk narrative was Syed Shamsul Huq’s ‘Chompaboti’ based on Jashim Uddin’s ‘Beder Meye’ (October 2013). Productions based on Manipuri have been ‘Bongshi Anurag’ (Aug 2013) and ‘Premamritam’ (February 2014). Contemporary production ‘Ultrviolet (July 2013).
Shadhona is still continuing its efforts to create various genres of dance productions, including contemporary, folk and classical.

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